• Addicts All Around

    Open phone. Go to Facebook. Scroll. Like. Share. Put phone down. Repeat. Day after day, we mindlessly scroll social media platforms for the next hit of dopamine. It keeps us going and fueled enough to get through the mundane day. If we really think deeply about it, people are expected to wake up every morning,…

  • The Stigma of Addiction

    The Stigma of Addiction

    It was a hot summer in a small town on the Cape when, as I was holding my mother’s hand, I saw a homeless woman straight ahead who looked ill and was asking for money. To this day, I cannot remember much of my childhood, yet I still can picture that woman’s face.  I asked…

  • Misplaced Grief

    Misplaced Grief

    it’s important to remember while we grieve to not get lost in it. it’s important to remember while we grieve to not let it rule our day. it’s important to remember while we grieve to not misplace the grief. placing the grief on the shelf for a little while is nothing to worry about, that’s…

  • Flower Bud

    Standing there Behind the tall and bountiful flower bushes I gaze at you across the way Eager to learn what makes you tick With my book and studies in hand I race to you eagerly I can see every inch of your face Skin soft, beard stubble Eyes brown, seductive Our gaze meets And it…

  • I Don’t Want To Hurt

    I flip through the pages of my life I see torn moments Some blank moments, too Crying to myself because the only constant Was you

  • Aunt Stephanie

    Aunt Stephanie

    the billowing branches of trees swaying in the breeze there you are collecting fees for those who doubt themselves “you can do it, you will beat this disease” you sit perched upon these trees in the company of friendly buzzing bees feeling finally at ease feeling the constant, cool sea breeze you wave to us…

  • Nuclear Family

    Nuclear Family

    family by birth is not rooted with chains instead it is rooted with choice love is not gone instead love is choosing what you deserve

  • PTSD Nightmares: The Nightly Battle

    Over the last year, after losing my Mom and my two cats all within the year of one another, I have had nightly nightmares that have me re-live the worst times in my life thus far. My dreams consist of seeing my mom pass away, become sick, or injure herself. Last night, she choked and…

  • My Addiction Is My Relief

    My Addiction Is My Relief

    I am unsure if I will live through these addictions. The addictions of life. These addictions keep me going, keep me living, keep me surviving. The happy moments I have had these past years has been manufactured by a chemical substance. How will I ever be able to experience something that instantaneous happiness that GREAT…

  • 2.27

    meet me on the moon when we passblankets of stars; overcast