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do you remember

(cloudy eyes in november)

do you remember

(vacant brain, AA member)

do you remember

(our first kiss, sparks fade into embers)

do you remember

(saving ourselves, forever each others mental mentors)

do you remember

(making love, eyes fixed, no other contenders)

do you remember

(the pretty boy, our slender defender)

do you remember

(establishing our love, innocent splendor)

“i will always remember these rich memories”

speaks the troubled lamenter

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Misplaced Grief

it’s important to remember while we grieve to not get lost in it.

it’s important to remember while we grieve to not let it rule our day.

it’s important to remember while we grieve to not misplace the grief.

placing the grief on the shelf for a little while is nothing to worry about, that’s natural coping.

placing the grief far back onto a dusty bookshelf full of misplaced emotions, on the other hand, is detrimental.

let us remember what the loss has given us – a chance of renewal, a chance to change behaviors that are not serving us, a chance to treat others how we wish we treated our lost loved one.

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Aunt Stephanie

the billowing branches of trees

swaying in the breeze

there you are

collecting fees

for those who doubt themselves

“you can do it, you will beat this disease”

you sit perched upon these trees

in the company of friendly buzzing bees

feeling finally at ease

feeling the constant, cool sea breeze

you wave to us while holding your bell jar

inside is a symbol of everything you are

a dragonfly, sparkling like the north star

you smile and take flight

“my final au revoir!”